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5 Things Dentists Need To Know About Buying Into a Dental Practice

Having a stake in a dental practice can be a key component of your career advancement. You could buy outright an existing practice or build your own...

Choosing a CPA, Law Firm, and Other Dental Business Solutions for Your Practice

If you have accomplished the major milestone of opening your own dental practice, congratulations! Not only have you conquered the challenge of...

Dentist Career Paths: DSOs, Associateships, & Practice Ownerships

You have a number of paths to consider for your dental career, including starting your own practice, joining an established practice, becoming a...

What is the Future of Dentistry?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive shift in nearly every industry, but particularly for dentists and other medical professionals. Now, many...

4 Interview Tips for Dental Students Ready to Graduate

As a dental student getting close to graduation, you’re likely preparing for a number of interviews in the upcoming months.

3 Tips to Growing and Managing Your Dental Patient List

Your patients are the most crucial part of your practice, so you have to grow and maintain your patient list to improve your business.

Checklist: 3 Skills You Can Learn Before Starting a Practice

Dental school may not have taught you everything you need to know before opening your own practice: there are some essential business concepts to...

4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Dental Board Exams

Dental board exams can be challenging and anxiety-producing, but they're a critical step in becoming a dentist, and most dental students are focused...

4 Changes Dentists Face Going from the Military to Private Practice

Many dentists begin their careers in the military, as it immediately provides a secure salary, built-in benefits, and numerous learning opportunities.