Entity Malpractice Coverage for Dental Practice Owners

Protecting Your Dental Career

Your practice could potentially be named in malpractice lawsuits against you, your staff or your partners. So not only could malpractice claims put your personal assets in jeopardy, your practice (as an entity) could be at risk, as well.

Protect your practice with entity coverage.

Coverage for Your Dental Practice

Entity coverage provides protection similar to your individual professional liability insurance policy, but for your business. Explore the entity coverage options available and plan for the security of your practice, even in the face of a malpractice lawsuit.

Entity Coverage at a Glance:

  • Provides protection to certain business entities when the entity is also named in the lawsuit in addition to Doctor(s).
  • Even if the person accused isn’t found liable in a suit, your practice still could be found responsible for damages.
  • Coverage may be offered as part of your professional liability insurance or sold separately.

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