Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Risky Business Realities

Lawsuits are a regular risk of business ownership, but claims made by employees can be a particular problem for small to mid-sized dental practices.

Why? Unlike large companies, where the need for this kind of protection is inherently understood, employment practices liability insurance isn’t always seen as a necessity by small or new medical and dental practices. Unfortunately, smaller practices are also typically more vulnerable to these lawsuits because they’re less likely to have established preventative resources such as a human resources department or employee policies.

Coverage against Claims

From the moment you begin recruiting to grow your team, your practice could be the target of an employment-related lawsuit. Employment practices liability insurance provides coverage against many claims of harassment, discrimination, failure to promote and wrongful termination.

Protect your practice by preparing for potential litigation, before you’re at risk.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance at a Glance:

  • Coverage can be a part of your business owner’s policy.
  • Preventative measures that lower your liability risk may reduce the costs of some policies.
  • Staff size, prior lawsuits and employee turnover may all be factors in premium pricing.
  • Some policies include prevention and support such as policy templates, training programs and legal advice.

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