Life Insurance For Buy/Sell Agreements

Managing Uncertainty

Jobs, partner investments and your dental practice itself can all face unnecessary uncertainty in the face of a partner’s unexpected death. Buy/sell agreements funded by life insurance are one option for the stability, continuity and worth of your practice.

Planning for Your Practice, Partners and Heirs

Don’t leave your heirs with assets they can’t manage or your partners with less than you agreed upon. Strategic planning for your practice, in the form of a buy/sell agreement, may help to protect the legacy of your career and everything you’ve worked for.

Buy/sell agreements can determine how business shares will be reallocated in the event of a partner’s death or exit from the practice. Life insurance is one option for funding the execution of those agreements.

Explore policies that work for the structure of your dental practice, with the helpful guidance of our experienced team.

Life insurance for buy/sell agreements at a glance:

  • In the event of a partner’s death, a buy/sell agreement funded with life insurance can be used to purchase that owner’s share in the business from their heirs.
  • May be used to set a predetermined price for partner shares.
  • Prevents unplanned inheritance of practice ownership.

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