Data Breach Coverage

The Stakes of Data Security

The trust a patient places in you is one of the most valuable assets a medical or dental professional can have. When a patient’s personal information is lost, stolen or exposed in an inappropriate way, the damage can take years to repair.

Preparation for Compromised Patient Privacy

Dental and medical practices are typically entrusted with sensitive patient information, including electronic billing and medical records, credit card information and social security numbers. When the privacy of that information is compromised by a cyber attack, lost mobile device, theft or human error, data breach coverage can mitigate the associated costs and potential litigation.

Data Breach Coverage at a Glance:

  • Can mitigate the common costs associated with data loss or theft, including public relations, good faith advertising, credit monitoring, notification services, and legal fees.
  • Some policies and carriers include data breach preparedness and response services and assistance for fast, multi-faceted action before and after a data breach.
  • Typically added to your business owner’s protection policy.

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