Permanent Life Insurance for Dentists

Long Term Protection & Growth for Your Future as a Dentist

Permanent life insurance can provide a death benefit for your heirs that may grow over time.


Benefits That Grow With Your Dental Career

Permanent life policies are long-term coverages that may grow in value. Many of these policies also allow you to access or borrow against a portion of the benefits, called the policy’s “cash value.”

You can also customize these benefits and the terms of your policy to get the appropriate policy for yourself.   

Permanent Life Insurance for Dentists at a Glance

  • Includes whole life and universal life insurance options
  • Created for long term life insurance needs 
  • Policies may accumulate cash value that may be withdrawn or borrowed upon
  • Premiums can remain level, decrease, or discontinue
  • Commonly used for legacy planning to provide for family as an inheritance

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