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Our Goal

You need more than insurance. You need a guide.

As a premier provider of financial services to dental and medical professionals from training to retirement, our goal is to educate, prepare and protect our clients with a comprehensive suite of insurance products, customized to your needs.

Our experienced team can help you, your family and your practice, protect and prepare for what lies ahead.

Our History

A Legacy of Industry Innovation

In 1959, Dan Treloar was a lone insurance agent in New Castle, a small town in western Pennsylvania. A neighbor in the office building they shared was an orthodontist, and a client who needed disability income insurance.

Dan saw an opportunity to find a disability income insurance policy that would adequately cover not only this client, but orthodontists nationwide. At the time, large brokerage companies were vying for this business.  There was yet a single national insurance company who was willing to take on the risk.

Relentless in his pursuit of a solution, Dan convinced an insurer in Chicago to develop a contract that would address the specific needs of orthodontists. Word spread, and one by one, specialty dental associations decided to entrust their insurance business with Treloar & Heisel.

More than half a century later, Treloar & Heisel is a premier financial services provider to dental and medical professionals across the country. We assist thousands of clients from training to practice and through retirement with a comprehensive suite of financial services, custom-tailored advice, and a strong service-focused support team.

Our Team

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