Disability Buy/Sell Insurance

Preparing Your Practice for the Unexpected

Disability income insurance can provide for you when an injury or illness hinders your ability to work. It does not help you when your your income is affected by a partner’s disability. For those situations, disability buy/sell insurance can protect multiple owners, and the business itself, by funding the buyout of disabled partners.

Protecting You, Your Partners, and Your Practice

Protect your investment, the investments of your partners and the value of your business. A buy/sell insurance policy can prepare your practice for the unexpected, with predetermined financial compensation for each partner’s share and an agreed upon plan for business continuity.

Explore the policy options available to you and your partners, with the assistance of our experienced team.

Disability Buy/Sell Insurance at a Glance:

  • In the event of a partner’s disability, a buy/sell insurance policy can pay the disabled partner for their share of the practice, dissolving their interests in the business.
  • Since the market value of a practice can be affected by the disability of a partner, buy/sell agreements can set a predetermined price of each partner’s shares.
  • Many plans include a waiting period, known as an elimination period, before disability benefits are paid. This time is set aside for potential recovery from the disabling injury or illness.
  • Plan payouts may be a lump sum or paid over a predetermined period of time.
  • Benefits are paid in accordance with an underlying buy/sell agreement

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