Insurance and Financial Products During Your Medical Residency

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The Medical Residency Journey

As you begin the transition from full-time student to medical resident, it’s important to keep your goals in mind. While gaining hands-on practice and specialization knowledge is essential to your career growth, you’ll also wish to explore strategies for a more secure future.

At Treloar & Heisel, our goal is to provide more than just financial services to medical professionals. We seek to educate, prepare, and protect our clients from the beginning of their careers through to retirement.

Understanding your financial needs during your medical residency program (and beyond) is a crucial step you can take on the path to a successful career.

What You May Need Before, During, and After Your Residency

Growing Your Foundation

Tailored insurance coverage is the foundation of a sound financial strategy.

Although it’s possible you have insurance policies in place, you may need to revisit the terms and conditions of those policies to see if they are still right for you as you enter your residency program. There may also be additional coverages that can offer protection as your income increases.

Key insurance needs may include:

  • Disability income insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Personal life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Auto and homeowner insurance

For a more in-depth look at building your insurance foundation, download our complimentary Financial Fundamentals Checklist.

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MedicalDisability Income Insurance

Additional Considerations

Aside from the essentials, there are additional opportunities that may help you achieve your professional and personal goals, including:

A spending plan
An emergency fund
Estate planning
Debt management

Why Treloar & Heisel?

With extensive experience in both insurance and financial planning, the team at Treloar & Heisel is a reliable resource for medical professionals starting while you are in training all the way through retirement.

We share knowledge that stretches across every phase of your career, providing insights to help you make the most of your professional opportunities and financial goals.

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Protect Your Career During Your Medical Residency and Beyond

The path to success for medical professionals includes navigating the transition from student to practicing professional, building a solid financial strategy, and protecting your future with an insurance foundation that helps protect a long and fruitful career. 

To learn more about how our team can help you plan for a future that is as safe, predictable, and reliable as possible, contact us.