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For Dental Students And Residents

Do Dental School Loans Cover Housing?

Most students are familiar with the financial challenges of being in school — especially dental school, which can be pricey. Set aside the fact that...

4 Tips for Boosting Your Dental School Application

Getting into dental school is hard — really hard. According to a report from the American Dental Association, of the 112,053 dental school...

How To Build Your Financial Foundation as a Dental Student

In our work with dentists and residents in training, we’re frequently approached by students who need help with creating a financial foundation. Most...

7 Tips for Acing Your Dental School Interview

If you’ve made it through the first round of the dental school application process, chances are you’ve been invited to an interview. Congratulations!

Insurance for Dental Students: What Should You Have Prior to Graduation?

While you’re finishing dental school, you likely have a number of questions about the next steps in your career, including some related to your...

4 Interview Tips for Dental Students Ready to Graduate

As a dental student getting close to graduation, you’re likely preparing for a number of interviews in the upcoming months.

4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Dental Board Exams

Dental board exams can be challenging and anxiety-producing, but they're a critical step in becoming a dentist, and most dental students are focused...

Why Business Courses Matter to Dental Students

While you’re in dental school, you have a lot to learn about the field, but you also need to learn about the business side of a dental practice.

4 Interview Tips for Recent Dental School Grads

Getting through dental school is a big accomplishment and once you’ve graduated, you are probably eager to begin your career. That generally means...

Is Mentorship-to-Ownership Right for You?

Once you’ve graduated from dental school, there are a number of ways to pursue a career in dentistry. If practice ownership appeals to you, you may...

Dental Students: How to Find a Dentist Who Will Let You Shadow Them

Many students want to shadow a dentist, but not all dentists are comfortable with that. Fortunately, there are ways to find a dentist to shadow.

How Can Dentists Find Associateships?

If you're a dentist looking for associateship opportunities, or if your practice is looking for a dental associate, there are a number of options....
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