5 Recruiting Tips for Your Dental Practice

Posted by on Aug 8, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Actively recruiting for open positions at your dental practice is a great way to bring in qualified applicants who are also a good fit for your practice’s goals. To find those people, you need to recruit the right way, in the right places. 

Here are four of the best recruiting tips to consider for bringing in top talent from the dental industry: 


1. Post to Dental Industry Specific Job Boards

Dental job boards are online recruitment sites designed to attract qualified applicants to your practice. 

There are general recruitment sites, such as Monster and Indeed, that are ideal to start your search. But you can also get more specific and post to dentist-specific job boards, such as iHireDental and DentalPost. 

No matter where you place a job opening, it’s crucial to make sure that you're clear about what you want and need from a candidate. This allows the candidate to understand the requirements for the position they’re interested in and provides you with a number of quality applications. 

By utilizing and recruiting from quality dental job boards, you'll be more likely to find top applicants who are skilled, qualified, and ready to work.


2. Reach Out to Local Schools

If you're willing to hire someone who's right out of school, you should consider partnering with local technical and dental schools. These are often great places to find quality candidates who are eager to work in your dental practice

By working with local schools, you can recruit employees for a number of different roles that will be needed within your office. This also gives you the unique opportunity to provide young professionals with their first experience in the field.  


3. Offer Referral Incentives to Current Employees

Your employees may know someone else who wants to work at your practice. If you offer them an incentive, such as money or vacation days, your already-existing employees can help bring you qualified applicants that already align with the cultural fit of your current employees. 

It’s crucial to thoroughly review each referral just as you would any other new recruit.  You also won’t necessarily want to hire a large number of people from the same family or friend group. If there's ever a falling out, at work or outside of it, this could cause some tension at the workplace or even the potential to lose several of your employees at once. 


4. Consider How Your Practice Appears

In order to obtain quality applicants and employees, your practice needs to maintain a professional appearance both online and in person. 

A website that's not updated or an outdated waiting room doesn't inspire confidence in patients or potential employees. While you could have the best practice around, you need to show that outwardly to bring in top talent and new patients

Your practice and your online presence should look new, clean, and up-to-date. While this maintenance can be time consuming or costly, it’s time and money well spent. 


How You Manage Your Dental Practice Matters For Recruitment

Whether you're currently recruiting new employees or not, you always need to carefully manage your dental practice and the day-to-day details that go into it. 

The employees at your dental practice are a huge component of what makes it successful. When you manage them with care and compassion, you improve your practice overall and make your dental practice a comfortable place for you, your employees, and your patients. 

Access our free e-book today for more information on successfully managing your dental practice, including insights into the hiring process, creating a patient-centric culture, and more. 

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