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FREE Ebook: Managing People in Your Dental Practice


You Know How To Practice Dentistry, Now Learn How To Effectively Manage Your Practice


Employees may be the single greatest asset of your dental practice. With your guidance, they’re ultimately the ones creating a culture and community that can attract and retain patients. So there’s a lot riding on their success.

Creating an effective team doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s probably something you didn’t learn in dental school. From the way you think about developing your practice and procedures, to your hiring strategies and the incentives you offer staff, many factors contribute to the creation of a strong team and positive office culture.

This guide to effective dental office management provides more than a procedural look at staffing. Examine some of the key factors and actions behind pursuing a successful dental practice as you learn to invest in human capital.

You Could Gain Valuable Knowledge On:

  • Chapter 1: The People Part of Running a Dental Practice
  • Chapter 2: Attracting the Candidates You Seek
  • Chapter 3: Getting the Right People on Board: Hiring and Staffing
  • Chapter 4: Managing Performance
  • Chapter 5: Creating a Patient-Centric Culture
  • Chapter 6: Retaining Your Employees for the Long Haul
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