How To Build A Brand Identity In Your Dental Practice

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As a dentist, you’re no stranger to creating treatment plans for your patients. You map out what they can expect, and you explain how following the treatment plan will help them. 

Branding for your business is similar — you let your target audience know who you are as a dental practitioner to establish why they should come to your practice. Branding is a key part of a marketing strategy that gets your business out there. 

Consistent branding across touch points can increase revenue by up to 23%. So how do you go about building your dental brand identity? Below, we’ll go over the tips for branding to help attract more patients and stand out from your competitors.


6 Ways To Build Your Dental Brand Identity

1. Establish Your Target Market

A brand is more than a logo or business name. It’s your voice, identity, promise, your values and how you position your business to prospective patients. Before you decide on  your brand, you need to clarify and document your target audience. 

Who do you want to see walk through your office doors? Think about who it is that you want to serve through your practice. What will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and offer you the financial ability to live the lifestyle you seek. Determining your target market will drive everything about your brand, including even the location of your dental practice.

Identify your ideal patient and understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Once you have your target market, you can develop your brand messaging to reach these specific individuals.

2. Determine Your Unique Value Proposition

A unique value proposition (UVP) is a sentence or two that explains what sets your business apart from other dental practices. Do you specialize in a dental discipline or utilize advanced dental technology for faster patient visits? When creating your UVP, consider what would appeal to your target market. 

Next, plan to highlight your unique value proposition in your brand messaging and visual displays. Promoting your unique qualities to your target audience can help them to remember what you’re known for as a dental practice. Ensure that during your marketing campaigns, you track your return on investment (ROI) to know if you’re spending marketing dollars where they count.

3. Create a Memorable Visual Brand Identity

A cohesive dental brand identity will have a suitable logo and color palette that evokes a sense of professionalism and trust. This is your chance to show off your practice’s personality, as you’ll use your logo and chosen colors for your marketing efforts. 

Before you choose a logo, do some research and choose a design and colors that would appeal to your target audience and set you apart from your competitors.

4. Structure Your Dental Practice’s Story

Like a superhero, your practice needs an origin story so your potential patients can get a feel for why and how you practice dentistry. When creating your practice’s story, consider answering questions such as:

  • What got you into the dental profession?
  • Why are you passionate about the work you do?
  • What does your practice stand for?

Share your business's history, mission, and values in a way that will resonate with your target audience. This is also the place to list any notable accomplishments or recognitions you, your dental partners, or your practice have achieved. 

5. Develop an Engaging Online Brand Presence

An online presence is a huge part of establishing your brand. Ensure that your website is well-designed, responsive, and user-friendly. Encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews of your practice online to establish trust within the community. 

You should also incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) within your website’s content to ensure that those who search for dentists in your area find you first. 

Consider using social media channels to provide information and share engaging content to humanize your brand. Communicate, answer questions, include videos, and keep all messaging true to your brand’s identity to leave a good impression and help your community learn more about what you offer. 

6. Offer Exceptional Service to Your Patients

Create a professional and welcoming environment with well-trained staff, an implemented cleaning routine, and comfortable seating. Little touches such as appointment reminders, post-visit follow-up calls, personalized email marketing, and “going that extra mile” can help turn first-time patients into loyal advocates of your brand.

Give patients opportunities to provide feedback to improve your services and increase your patient retention rates. Take note of any feedback that speaks directly to improving your brand’s messaging or identity. Asking for more information or examples of what your patients expect shows your dedication to continuous improvement of your business and services. 


Establish a Positive Dental Brand Identity To Grow Your Patient List

Showing who you are as a brand is the first step to attracting new patients. With consistent, targeted messaging, a “stand out” unique value proposition, and engaging communications, you can let your community know who you are and why your dental practice should be their first choice. 

To find out what other steps you can take to attract new patients, download our complimentary eBook, “Growing Your Dental Practice Patient List.” 

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