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Helping to Protect Dental Care Professionals

Professional liability insurance, in the medical and dental professions frequently called malpractice insurance, is an absolute necessity for your practice. Having the right type and right amount of professional liability in place will help protect your assets and prevent you from potential insolvency in the event of a lawsuit.

We offer primary medical professional liability coverage, including occurrence and claims-made coverage. Varying limits of liability are offered to qualifying physicians and dentists. We use the A.M. Best Rating to assess the financial stability of an insurance company and its ability to pay claims.

There are a wide range of coverage advantages that include:

  • Defense of Medicare/Medicaid fraud accusations (limited defense).
  • Defense of disciplinary, licensure or similar administrative hearings*
  • Part-time and prior acts coverage options
  • Locum Tenens coverage
  • Free reporting endorsement at retirement at age 55 after five years of coverage*.
  • Free reporting endorsement provided immediately upon death or disability*.
  • Flexibility in arranging for educational leave, sabbaticals, short-term
  • disability, out-of-state employment.
  • Coverage for professional services rendered as part of peer review or committee responsibilities.

For new practitioners, part-timers and those who have excellent past claims history we offer:

  • Loss free credits
  • Part-time credits
  • New-to-practice discounts available


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