3 Ways to Grow Your Practice with Teledentistry Post-Pandemic

Posted by Amy Carbone on Nov 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Teledentistry rose in popularity during the COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020. Telehealth usage has stabilized throughout 2021 indicating virtual checkups may be here to stay. 

Additionally, varying comfort levels and the uncertainty of the future surrounding the coronavirus can create a challenging situation for any dental practice. However, there are a number of ways to maintain a strong patient list.

Here are three ways teledentistry can grow your practice:

1. Teledentistry Can Make In-Person Appointments More Efficient

Teledentistry is a great way for you to touch base with your patients. These virtual appointments are quick and easy, providing you the opportunity to know what’s bothering the patient and recommend whether or not that patient should come into the practice for an in-person appointment. 

Virtual dentistry options also provide you with a chance to meet prospective patients who are considering coming to your dental practice for the first time. 

By utilizing teledentistry for the consultation aspects of your appointments, you can safely work with patients, discuss their needs and move forward accordingly. This allows you to better prepare for the patient's visit, so you won't be starting from square one when they arrive at your practice. In the long run, this may translate to shorter appointments meaning you can accommodate more patients in a single day. 

2. Teledentistry Can Expand Your Patient List

Typically, your dental practice is limited by geography, but teledentistry removes location barriers. You can consult with patients who are outside of your practice’s local area, since they don't have to travel to your dental practice to discuss their health needs and concerns. 

This provides you the opportunity to earn additional revenue for teledentistry consultations and can help people in other areas decide if they need to seek out a local dentist for an in-person evaluation based on your recommendations.

3. You Can Create a Network With Other Practices

Since you don't have geographic restrictions with teledentistry, you'll be able to work with a network of practices in an effort to increase referrals. 

For example, if you get a call from a patient who's far away from your practice, teledentistry expands your professional network, allowing you the opportunity to refer the patient to a dentist in their area for their in-person visit, and vice versa. 

Ensuring you create a teledentistry network based on trust will also help your patient experience. These virtual partnerships can help grow your business and expand your practice’s reputation as patients receive helpful and accurate information from you and then make an appointment with your trusted partner for their dental care closer to home. 

Continue Growing Your Dental Patient List

Teledentistry can be a great way to expand your dental practice and patient list. But, before you begin taking on teledentistry appointments, you will want to check with your malpractice insurance provider regarding coverage for those consultations.

Regardless of how much time you spend on teledentistry appointments, you want to make sure you're continuing to bring more patients into your physical practice. 

There are a number of ways to grow your patient list, including but not limited to through referrals, community outreach, and marketing strategies. Dive into some of these strategies and more in our Ebook to gain insight on expanding your patient list and growing your dental practice.


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