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Financial Planning

9 Financial Planning Tips To Help Dentists Prepare for the Future

As we enter a new year, it seems like an excellent time to reflect on your financial situation and to set goals for the future. Financial...

How to Financially Prepare For a Recession

With all the discussion in the media about an impending recession, we thought this would be a good time to share with you our thoughts about — not...

Why Dentists Need Financial Planning

Would you ever take a trip without having a destination in mind or planning how you are going to get there?

3 Benefits of Working with Financial Advisors Who Specialize in Working With Dentists

As your career advances, you’ll be responsible for managing not only your professional growth but the growth of your overall financial landscape.

3 Common Stressors for Dentists and How to Cope with Them

Between the time, pressure, and other demands of dentistry, you could face a level of stress that often exceeds that of the general population.

How to Plan for the Future (as a New Dentist)

Planning for the future is important, and it's a big part of the life and work of a dentist. Understanding what you can consider for your future, and...

Financial Planning for Dentists: Some Information to Consider

Financial planning may be useful for professionals in a variety of industries, including dentistry. While an individual’s goals with financial...

Understanding Investment Returns

At our firm, we find that once clients are settled into practice, they have disposable income that they are channeling into 401(k)s, other retirement...

Use a “Bucket Strategy” to Reduce Investment Fear

Investing can be hard. The firm DALBAR publishes an annual study that measures inflows and outflows of mutual funds. Their findings suggest investors...