Here's Why Performance Reviews are Important

Posted by Amy Carbone on Oct 8, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Don’t let upcoming performance reviews in your dental practice cause you unnecessary anxiety. Use the following simple tips to feel prepared and confident, no matter what type of feedback awaits you.

Performance reviews for dentists

Be Prepared to Discuss the Full Scope of Your Job 

Performance reviews are a golden opportunity to provide an update on how your role has grown and sharing all of the tasks you’re responsible for. Consider bringing up those important or extra things you do that may go unnoticed day-to-day.

Having a list of your duties on hand may help you to recall everything in the moment. While you may not actually need it, it's always better to go into a performance review as prepared as possible.

Keep a Positive Attitude and an Open Mind

It's important to approach performance reviews with an open mind and a positive attitude, regardless of the feedback you expect to hear. Mentally prepare yourself to hear both good and bad feedback by thinking critically about your performance and trying to anticipate discussion points.

Think about all of the potentially negative criticisms you could receive and how you can respond in a professional, constructive way without being defensive or combative. Thorough mental preparation may be the key to keeping a calm, positive demeanor when the feedback isn’t flattering.

Why performance reviews are important for dentists

Take Plenty of Notes or Ask for a Recording

Performance reviews can be nerve-wracking for everyone involved, but they’re also a powerful tool for individual assessment and improvement. Unfortunately, all of the anxiety around the review itself may make it difficult to recall important or helpful details later.

Consider bringing a notebook, using your mobile device or asking to record the meeting, so you can revisit the details and action items once you’re better able to absorb them. Note the details of any potential raises, promotion offers, positive feedback, constructive criticism and advice for improvement.

Temper Strong Reactions and Stay Professional

It's important to present yourself professionally throughout the review, regardless of what might come up. Show gratitude for the opportunity to be assessed and opportunities to improve, whether you're offered a promotion or you were told you have to improve your job performance. 

If at any point you experience a strong emotional reaction to what’s being discussed, take some time to think and write a response, rather than attempt to stay rational in the heat of the moment.

Recap the Next Steps

It's important that you and your employer are clear on the next steps for both of you. That may include the timeframe of a raise or promotion, specific training recommendations, and recommendations for performance improvement. Go over any next steps, so you're both on the same page before you leave the review.

Why performance reviews are important for Dentists

Remember to Take Action and Follow Up

Performance reviews can be excellent opportunities and tools for the entire staff of a dental practice when the points made are followed up on and positive action is taken. That may require you to set some goals based on your feedback for improvement or to research and schedule relevant training. Listen for action items or opportunities to follow up and make sure you're on the right track. 

Performance reviews can be nerve-wracking, but they can also be a great way to open the doors of communication with your employer. Use the above tools to help shape your review into a successful one.

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