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Implement Your Investment Strategy

Your pursuit of long-term financial success is rooted in investment planning aligned with the recommendations in your Plan-to-Live.  Your Personal CFO team, in concert with our investment management team, can help implement the portfolios appropriate to this plan. 

Benefit from our relationship with a recognized investment boutique.

We are a member firm of The Wealth Consulting Group a boutique investment firm, through which we provide professional asset management services tailored to the specific needs of Treloar & Heisel Wealth Management clients. Our in-house investment team has close to $2 billion under management.  Advantages we offer to our investment client include:

An experienced investment team:

  • An investment committee with 200 years accumulated experience among team members meets weekly to review portfolio performance relative to benchmarks.  Our committee is chaired by a chief economist who brings 25 years of experience as an advisor to the Federal Reserve
  • A trading team that monitors the portfolios daily and trades are required by clients
  • Research from LPL Research, Morningstar and FI360
  • Annual vetting of our portfolios by research departments of globally prominent institutional asset management firms

A defined investment process:

  • Adherence to academically based modern portfolio theory
  • Focus on keeping expenses low by utilizing low cost mutual funds, ETFs and individual stock holdings when appropriate.
  • Our core strategy involves designing a low cost portfolio that will help you pursue your long-term goals. A portion of that portfolio is dedicated to working towards enhancing your overall performance by leveraging short-term movements in the market.

A range of portfolio strategies that enable us to align a portfolio to your plan:

  • A range of risk models from conservative to aggressive
  • Ability to practice asset allocation for non-taxable and taxable accounts
  • Potential for tax-harvesting strategies
  • High Impact Portfolios that emphasize investments in companies that exhibit strong environmental, social and corporate governance traits that helps you to align your investments with your values. 

Wealth Management

Retirement Plan Management Services 

A retirement plan might provide big tax savings, but it can also be a major hassle. You have a legal liability to your employees to make sure contributions are done correctly, costs are reasonable, and education is provided to help them make the most of the plan.  Make a misstep and the penalty can be substantial. 

Our turnkey service will help try to make the process both profitable and less painful.  Work with us and you can expect:

  • No Conflict of Interest - Although we do have negotiated pricing with multiple third-party administrators and record keepers only you pay us, so you’ll be confident that our recommendations are only in your best interest. 
  • 3(21) Fiduciary Responsibility–We’ll select and monitor your fund menu and share the legal responsibility for our recommendations.  You’ll receive a semi-annual Scorecard report that evaluates existing funds and suggests alternatives if warranted. 
  • Competitive Costs – We periodically compare the overall pricing of your plan to other similar plans to ensure that your costs stay below average.  
  • A Dedicated Service Team – You’ll have a team assigned to your plan to help coordinate among all parties involved including TPA and record keeping firms.  We design a strategic low-cost portfolio to help you pursue your long-term goals, and we also dedicate a portion of that portfolio to working towards enhancing your performance by leveraging the short-term movements of the market. Our team can also assist with enrollments and employee education.

Already Have a Plan?

Ask us about our Fiduciary Plan Review Report.  We’ll benchmark your costs, fund menu and evaluate if you have the most efficient plan design.  For most plans we can assume management without having to change current TPA or record keeping services.

Schedule a Conversation with a Wealth Management Advisor: 

Jeffrey Wherry

Jeffrey E. Wherry, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®
Director of Research and Planning, THWM

Josh Miller

Josh Miller, AIF®
Wealth Advisor



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